The buyer understands and agrees that the copyright (the “Copyright”) to the Products are retained by the original artist compiling the Product, and that the transaction contemplated herein is not a sale or license to the Copyright to Buyer. Buyer agrees not to reproduce, copy or distribute the Product.

Or in layman’s terms – when you commission a drawing, please enjoy it for the purpose paid only (hang it on the wall and enjoy it till the end of time) but please don’t scan, copy or reproduce it. As the creator of the drawing, I retain full rights over it. I may re-use it for marketing purposes, include it in my portfolio and display it at Art Fairs etc.

If you would like to turn your portrait into a set of cards at a later date, please always ask my permission first, for legal reasons.  It’s worth doing so because I will be able to supply you with the best possible file. Please ensure my web address is clearly visible on any cards along with the copyright symbol which I can email to you.

Please ask if you have any questions.