Prints & framed prints

Want to say Thank You? Happy Birthday? Or just ingratiate yourself with someone new?

Send them a portrait and they’ll love you forever!



All portraits are hand-drawn and coloured.

I print on acid free, 190gsm, textured watercolour paper.

Finished portraits are A4 sized.

Prices start at £79 for a portrait of one person.



Want to go the extra mile but don’t want the bother of DIY? Just ask me to frame your portrait.

My premium frames are approx 12 x 17 inches with an aperture of just under A4.

I opt for a stylish black finish as standard and my frames can stand alone or be wall mounted.

I front my frames with glass for hand deliveries and plastic for postal deliveries.  Don’t panic at the P word, I promise it looks as sparklingly good as the glass does.

My mounting and framing cost is £49. You can choose to organise this yourself if you prefer.