PORTRAITS (unframed) start at £119 for a dynamic drawing of one person.

All portraits are hand-drawn and coloured.

I print on acid free, 190gsm, textured watercolour paper.

Finished portraits are spectacular at A4.

FRAMING costs £49

Want to go the extra mile but don’t want the bother of DIY? Just ask me to frame your portrait.

My premium frames are approx 12 x 17 inches with an aperture of just under A4.

I opt for a stylish black finish as standard and my frames can stand alone or be wall mounted.

I now front all my frames with plastic instead of glass –  but don’t panic at the P word, I promise it looks as sparklingly good as glass and is less liable to scratch.  It’s also much lighter so far easier for you to hang on the wall and safer to have on free standing display.

You can choose to organise the framing yourself if you prefer.