Book illustrations

Written a bestseller and want something wonderful to go with all those words?

Early in 2017 I was honoured to work for the talented Cath Sealy on the creation of ‘Our List’.  Written through the eyes of a 10 year old, the book describes how Matilda’s family copes when Cancer strikes.

Currently being reviewed by Macmillan, it’s been praised as “Such a positive way of expressing how to make things (slightly) better”.

Here’s a tantalising glimpse inside…


Designed by Claire at

Product shots of the book by Vicki at

The book can be purchased at

Working with Cath was intensely rewarding. She asked for about 28 drawings and only requested two amends. So I was delighted when she asked me to illustrate her second and third books and took her place at the top of the league in the ‘Best Clients Ever’ category.  Here are some more pictures to whet your appetite.